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Making Spy Gear is Easy!

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Nothing is more fun for kids than spying. Whether its on their sisters, brothers, parents, friends or neighbors, spying on people is a kids right of passage. Millions of dollars are spent each year on spy gadgetry for children when most of the same items can be made at home by the kids themselves! Kids will find it fun and exciting learning how to make spy gear. And once theyre given a few ideas, more than likely, they will come up with some spy inventions of their own! For kids, how to make spy gear is just as important as having a secret handshake, or a secret club. Its their tree house with a No Parents Allowed! sign posted on the front.

Key Hole Spying:

When just looking through the keyhole isn’t quite enough, now you can make your own tool to help. The items needed to make this include: scissors, one sheet of thick about 3 or 4 inches square, black paper, sticky tape and a clear glass marble, small is best. Place the marble in the center of the black paper, then roll up the paper like a tube. Use the tape to keep the paper tube-like, then poke or blow the marble so it is nearly falling out of the tube (but make sure it doesn’t).Peering into the non-marble end, you will be able to see a fish eye view of any room through its keyhole. Be forewarned, because of the way the marble refracts light, you will get an upside down picture of the room, very spy like!

Invisible Lemon Juice Ink:

So you want to send secret messages to your best friend. You wonder how to make spy gear that will be suitable for this. Lemon juice, something commonly found in any refrigerator, is the perfect solution. First, its best not to use a piece of bright white copy paper. Because lemon juice has just a tiny bit of color to it, its best to use paper thats slightly off white as well, something like newspaper, or recycled paper. Squeeze the juice out of the lemon, then dip it with a crown pen or even the end of a feather, anything that is pointed and can keep the lemon juice on it will do. Second, write something else on your note first, in regular blue or black ink. Hi, how are you today, how was social studies, boring again? This is to divert attention from the real secret note beneath.

Third, once the note is delivered, or beforehand, make sure to instruct your friend that to read the secret, he or she must hold it up above a candle or some heat source but make sure to tell them not to burn the paper by holding it too close! once the paper is heated, the lemon juice will turn brown and will be easy to read.

Fingerprint Powder:

How to make spy gear fingerprint powder is so easy you’ll wonder why you never did it before. What youll need is starch powder, a candle, a knife and two dishes (porcelain, not plastic!). Drop some starch in one of the dishes then light the candle. Remember, its always important to get an adult to help you with all the tricky stuff, candles and flames can be dangerous and burn! Hold the second dish up to the candle flame. The flame will leave soot on the dish as it burns it, scrape off the soot and mix it with the starch. Keep this process up until the amount of soot matches the amount of starch. Mix these two together. Finally, your very own fingerprint powder. When you suspect somethings amiss and want to gather evidence, brush some of this powder (the mixture of starch and soot) over the fingerprinted area. Cover this with a piece of clear tape than attach the tape to a clear card. You are now ready for some 007 action!

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